Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Remington or the Dangers of Working from Home

When I'm not working at my consulting job, I'm sitting at home (or at the Emporium in Yellow Springs, Ohio), working on the latest novel, poem, blog post, etc.  One day, I looked over at the typewriting sitting on my shelf and thought, "I bet he'd like to head outside."  

Sitting alone all day can lead to anthropomorphizing objects, I'm told. 

Anyway, it was good excuse to head outside. I took my phone with me to record our little journey.  So began my series of Facebook and Instagram posts with Remington. You can check out my social media page for more photos and follow me to see what sort of adventures he finds in the future.

For now, I'm sitting in a hotel, and he's sitting at home waiting for my return so that we can finally take the walk to Clifton Gorge I've been promising him. 

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