Wednesday, May 4, 2016

100 Poems

Graffiti in Dumbo, New York.  © Lori Gravley,  2013.
Today I updated My Write Club total, and though it’s less than I’d planned, I typed "100" into my total poems written for the year.  It’s less than I planned, but more than I’ve ever written by the beginning of May.  It’s less than I planned, but more than I would have written if I hadn’t been trying for a poem a day. 

It’s less than I planned, but it’s encouraged me to write in new ways, to try new forms, to write down the thoughts and connections I make instead of storing them in the dark caverns where they might get lost or wither before I can unearth them and bring them to light. 

100 poems.  And in those poems--three picture books, travelogues, complaints, sonnets, spare little William Carlos Williams poems, American Sentences, and celebrations of little and huge things. 

100 Poems. That’s something to celebrate!

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