Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Spin

Tiblisi, Georgia © Lori Gravley

Did you know that if your brain has to react a certain way when you spin.  If you don't get dizzy, you should go see an occupational therapist who will have an entire protocol to use with you to reset your brain so that you do?

Anyway, I came across this little girl, all dressed up, spinning joyfully for her mother's camera in Tbilisi, Georgia.  

So, write about this girl, about her mother, about spinning.  Remember those tires you could spin and spin on or swings, how you could spin until the chains tangled right in front of you and how it felt to let go, or that ride at the carnival where you spun around and stayed in place even as you went horizontal becuase of the force of the spin?

Oh, if you must, you could write about politics and this weeks latest spin, but that probably wouldn't be nearly as much fun as hanging out on a swing. 

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