Saturday, November 7, 2015

NaNo 15: Double, Double

You know the rest.  Though I hope your month so far is free of toil and trouble.  I'd like to say that donating today on Double Up Donation day would ensure that your month continues without either, but I can't promise that. 
What I can promise you is that by donating today, you'll be supporting a life-changing organization (and you'll be able to write it off on your taxes).  You'll also get $50 of donation goodies for the price of $25.  
But what about that life-changing bit?  Really, writing is life changing. It makes people without a voice feel heard.  It helps people find the truth about their lives and heal from old wounds.  It helps us feel connected to one another.  It creates lifetime friendships.  Research says that if you're friends with someone for five years, it's likely to last for a lifetime. This is the sixth year that I've been writing NaNo with friends, so I'm calling it for a lifetime.
NaNo taught me that I could do what I set out to do. It taught me to show up for my craft everyday.  It taught me that getting words on paper was just the beginning.  NaNo has changed my life.  For that, it's worth donating.  But I donate so that the Office of Letters and Light can stay open to bring more of this life-changing mojo to schools, community centers, and libraries.  I donate because I believe in the value of stories. 
And I donate because I look really cute with a halo.  I hope you'll join me, even if you can't afford $25, donate the price of a cup of coffee, or the change you find under your car seat. And donating improves your chances of finishing, so it's worth at least a few bucks, right?

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