Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Resource Sharing: Reading for Research Month

As part of my 1,000 picture book challenge, I’ve also signed up for ReFoReMo.  This challenge, co-founded by Carrie Charlie Brown and Kirsti Call, invites picture book writers to explore the form in depth with mentor texts, guest chats and posts, tools for examining mentor texts, and general advice to would-be picture book writers.

The reading list for the first three weeks was posted today, and though I’ve already read a number of books on the list, there are enough new ones on the list that I’m already excited to find more writers and illustrators to fall in love with. 

The challenge includes both fiction and non-fiction picture books and a number of guest bloggers to help the reader get the most from mentor texts.  I’m excited to take part in what will really just be an extension of the challenge I gave myself to read 1,000 picture books this year. 

I’m already well ahead of my 1,000 PB challenge quota.  I’ve read 186 picture books so far and I’ve found some new writers to fall in love with.  I’m especially enjoying the non-fiction picture books I’ve been reading.  I look forward to strengthening my manuscripts with expert advice from these mentor texts. 

Join me in Reading for Research Month.  The added bonus is that carrying home 30-40 picture books every few days is also helping me with upper body strength. 

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