Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Tribe Abides

Okay, PowerByPineappleJuice isn't a part of our weekly tribe, but someone needed to fill in that fourth slot.  

For over six years, I've been writing with a group of women on Sunday mornings from 7ish to 10:30ish every Sunday I'm in town.  We come and go, so we aren't always at our regular table at the Underdog Cafe and Emporium, but most weeks, one of us is there, laptop open, working away on our words.  

Sometimes we read each other's work (during the week, never on Sunday morning, that's writing time), but more often we're just there to share the trials, tribulations, joys, and celebrations of this writing journey.

This year, for half the month of NaNo November, I was traveling, but I got to check in with my tribe through our NaNo buddies page.  And I tried to sit down and write when it was time to write, even when 7 AM Ohio time was 3 PM Nairobi time, 1 PM Cairo time.

I talk to one member of my tribe almost daily, the other members of my tribe, I email weekly or check in on Facebook or Instagram.  And writing together (and apart) is a powerful motivator.  We all won NaNo this year, and I'm certain part of that is the support both active and passive, that we give each other in our writing throughout the year and throughout the month.

So, build your tribe. You don't need to write the same things.  You don't need to be critique partners, but you will support each other, encourage each other, compete (nicely) with each other, and you will all grow as writers.

I celebrate my tribe, the Wrimettes, and I'm so thankful to have them as part of my life.  I wish you luck in finding (or celebrating) yours.

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